Look to the power of black ants from Nutrality for an energy boost!

Need to power up your gym program or start your day with a boost of energy? we all want to increase our energy levels at one time or another. Have you ever considered ants as a source?

Might be crazy but yes, that's right. Those little insects that can be a pain in the summer months can actually be a potent powerhouse when it comes to giving you a jolt of energy. But we're not talking about the common garden ants - those are jam packed full of chemicals and other nasties. The ants we use are specially harvested in the Guangxi mountain province of China, and are premium-grade.

If you need a jump-start to help you regain younger energy levels, or to challenge your current personal best and overall performance, this is one supplement that you’ll want to add to your diet for sure.

Just like our supplement most people feel black ant extract start to work almost immediately, and you don't need a lot to feel the difference. Just take a half to a full teaspoon twice daily to feel the benefits.

Start feeling your best and push yourself to new boundaries today. It's not called "The Herb of Kings" for nothing.

Our black ant extract is gluten-free and can be used as part of a paleo or keto diet. It does not contain Sildenafil and any other pharmaceuticals. Our ant extract is the highest quality and you can rest assured with Nutrality we only use the best sources.

benefits of taking black ant powder

What are the benefits of taking black ant powder?

The benefits of black ant powder are increased feelings of energy, stamina, and mental clarity and most customers claim they feel it almost right away. Black ant extract is also packed full of nutrients, containing vitamins B1, B2, B12, D, and E, plus calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc—in fact, ants contain the highest amount of zinc in all known living organisms. Use this to support improved performance wherever you need it.

when do I take black ant powder

How and when do I take black ant powder?

Black ant powder is easy to incorporate into your day. You just need to take a half to a full teaspoon twice daily. You can mix it in juice, or blend it in a shake or smoothie, or just pop a spoonful in your mouth and wash it down with water. It does have a distinctive taste, so you may prefer to mix it with something, and we recommend that you take it with food as it absorbs better that way. Most people tend to take it before working out, and many feel the effects right awayis black ant powder really made from ants

So, is black ant powder really made from ants?

Yes. Our black ant powder is made from actual ants, but don't freak out! Our product is an extract powder, so you won't need to worry about finding any antennae or legs in it. The ants we use in our black ant powder are harvested from the wild in the Guangxi province of China, and so not only do they eat a natural diet but one from a pure and clean environment. (We do not recommend eating your common household ants, as they may have been exposed to harmful chemicals)

black ant powder as a pre-workout supplement

Can I use black ant powder as a pre-workout supplement?

Yes, you absolutely can use black ant powder as a pre-workout supplement. In fact, that tends to be what most of our customers use it for. The Polyrhachis ant is a premier Qi tonic in Chinese herbalism, and our customers tell us that the results are almost instant. You can include it as part of your pre-workout stack, or simply take it on its own—either way, black ant powder has been shown to support increased stamina and performance.