Are You Captizating on the Benefits of Potassium for Your Body?

Found in all your body’s tissues, potassium is a mineral that enables the conduction of nerve impulses throughout your body. Without consuming enough potassium, our bodies would struggle to maintain the correct fluid balances inside and outside of our cells. And you can forget about nerve signal transmission. Take out all the potassium from your body, and you wouldn’t be able to walk, talk or do anything at all!

At Nutrality, we help optimise your daily potassium intake with high strength 1000mg potassium citrate capsules. Just take two of our capsules daily with meals, and you will be able to account for 50% of your recommended daily potassium intake!

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Potassium Citrate, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable Cellulose

Directions: Take 2 capsules daily with food.


Find Out How Supplementing Potassium Citrate Can Help You:

Help Control Blood Pressure

Growing support suggests that taking potassium as a blood pressure supplement helps widen blood vessels, allowing for blood pressure to drop while also helping to increase sodium extraction from the body.

Nutrality Potassium Citrate

Reduce Acidity Levels

An alkalizing effect on the body helps put your body in a pH balance. Research suggests men who consume more potassium in their diets dramatically reduce the chances of the development and recurrence of kidney stones.

Nutrality Potassium Citrate

Protect Against Strokes

The greatest risk factor of having a stroke is high blood pressure. Potassium citrate supplementation may provide an effective defence mechanism against the likelihood of having a stroke.

Nutrality Potassium Citrate

Your 90-day Potassium Citrate Supply

You won’t have to worry about mixing potassium citrate powder or drinking horrible liquids. At neutrality, we deliver you a 90-day supply of potassium citrate capsules that are easy to swallow. Your supplement arrives in an airtight, resealable foil bag for convenient storage. 

Nutrality Potassium Citrate